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Welcome to Essentialz Music Videos page. Below you can find the latest Essentialz Music Videos in order of release date…aka the most recent videos will be up at the top. Hope you guys enjoy watching the music videos and if you like them, make sure to share that s**t like it’s AIDS! Word of mouth goes a long way and Essentialz would like to say that he appreciates all of the love and support that you guys have shown and have continued to show. The goal is to share my music with the world…so jump on board and let’s make that happen together!


Essentialz – Nightmare

Essentialz – Millionaire Music

Essentialz – Freestyle Sessions In The Garage (Episode 1)

Essentialz – Mother’s Day (Official Video)

Essentialz – Drive Slow Best Rap Freestyle

Essentialz – It’s Over Baby (Official Video)

Essentialz – I Will Always Love You (Offcial Video)

Essentialz – Waves Remix (Official Lyric Video)

Essentialz – Video Games (Official Video)

Essentialz – Best Video Games Freestyle Video

Essentialz – The Truth Behind Ebola

Essentialz – Live This One (Official Video)

Essentialz – If I Die Young w/Hook (Official Video)

Essentialz – Back In Time Freestyle Video

Essentialz – Wack Emcees Freestyle Video

Essentialz – Hot Nigga Remix (Official Video)

Essentialz – Believe Me (Official Video)

Essentialz – Best Drunk Rap Freestyle (Circa ’14)