How To Make Rap Beats With Fruity Loops (FL Studio)

I wanted to write this quick little blurb about how to make rap beats with fl studio or Fruity Loops, as it’s better known as. Now, to be honest this is just one method of how to make rap beats with fruity loops studio because as we know there are numerous different ways or techniques that can be used to accomplish this task. I use fruity loops because I love the ease of the program and the learning curve is very easy.

The first thing that I personally do in regards to how to make rap beats with fruity loops is, I usually start of at the bassline. But before even that, I like to set my tempo at 90 bpm and at 16 beats per sample. The reason that I do this is because I have become so accustomed to this tempo that I can visualize the pattern in my head, so its really convenient for me. At the end of the day, you can set your tempo and beats per sample to whatever you prefer and whatever will make it easier for you.

In regards to the bassline, sometimes I’ll use my mpd-26 and loads sounds into the banks and make the bassline like that but sometimes i will just load the kick, snare, hi-hat and bass into the pattern and click and fill the loop like that.

The next step I take in how to make rap beats with fruity loops studio is that, after I have created a bassline that I really like, I will move on to the instruments. Now, this can be tricky in the sense that some producers use multiple instruments and some only use one or two. I am that type of producer, the one who likes to use just one or two instruments to get the beat banging and that way it leaves room for the emcee to shine over the instrumental. It also depends what kind of beat you are tying to make, if you make a club type beat then the emcee could say whatever and people won’t give a damn because they’ll be focusing on the beat but if the beat is just a nice banger with some room left for good vocals then that lets the emcee take control instead of the beat taking control of the song.

That was my quick rant for today on how to make rap beats with fruity loops and I hope that it helped you a bit or gave you some fresh ideas. People always ask me how to make rap beats with fruity loops so this is what I wrote this and this is only one way of how to make rap beats with fruity loops. The options are endless, all you need is time and creative ideas! Now, start producing!